Thursday, June 5, 2008

(13) Independent service reflection

For my independent service hours I did a couple of things. The main thing I did was babysit kids, I watch one of my friends kids while she worked and I also watch my little brothers for my mother although I was mad because I had to dod this with out getting paid i it was a fun experience. I was also a part of my annual block cleaning with my block captian, I swept pavements and cleaned uo in front of the elders doors. i helped an older guy on my block clean up his house.

(12) service reflection for 5/28/08

On 5/28/08 for service learning me and group members had a full 90 minutes to go to a grocerie store and do some price ranches on the food as if we made a family of 4 and list where they worked and what would be their weekly salary and how much for would they need for all 4 people in total to a month so we ending up going to the red in terminal and I started doing my price ranges from there and the most sucessful thing about that day was everyone was seperated doing their own thing and everything was perfect and we got to leave on time so I wouldn't change nothing about that day that was one of the best days of our service group so I was happy because we actually got to do some hands on things outside of our school instead of being cooped up inside the main office.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


"Evening of a hot day started the little wind to moving among the leaves. The shade climbed up the hills toward the top. On the sand banks the rabbits sat as quietly as little gray, sculptured stones." (Chapter 1.)
Of Mice and Men is a film that is drowned in symbols to show what Steinbeck wants reader to see. He does a fantastic job of using animals and how they relate to the characters.

First, Candy's dog for example is extremely old, and useless. Just like the dog, Candy is old, broken down and really no use around the ranch. They boss even gave him the job of sweeping up, and keeping up with the chickens, because of his one arm. When reading about the dog, readers think of sickness and how he symbolizes that. Carlson even tells Candy him as "Got no teeth, he's all stiff with rheumatism. He ain't no good to you, Candy." They then tell somehow persue Candy to let them shoot him, because he's sick and if he really loves him, he wouldn't want him to suffer.

Although Candy's dog is alive, he pretty much represents death. Old, miserable, and really is no point for the dog to be alive. Candy's dog and himself are both old and on the verge of death it's kind of pointless for them to be around. However, they are around because they have some life in them. It would be just cruel to kill them but they are suffereing. Bit of a dilemma, wouldn't you say?

Candy and his dog represent, death, sickness and even the ending of dreams. Although they are old and uesless doesn't mean they can't be cured from sickness and off life support, and it surely doesn't mean they can't have dreams. However, Candy for example is a perfect example. He makes plans with George and Lennie, but his dreams cease when Lennie kills Curly's wife and everything is forced down hill. I guess things don't work out in your favor, when you over think things.

In conclusion, Of Mice and Men is a mega awesome novel filled with symbols that represent or reflect a character. This book is a must read because it's filled with loads of english class appliances that any teacher would want their student to read. Trust me, you don't want to upset them, you know english teachers and their lessons on symbols...

Monday, June 2, 2008

Quiz questions English

1. Do you know of a situation, when you had a friend like Lennie, who wasn't able to take up for themselves and you had to be George?

Yes i was in a situation where i had a friend like Lennie who wasn't able to take up for herself. When I was in the 7th grade I had a really quite friend who did all her work and didn't bother anyone, but all the students in our class thought she was a teachers pet. well one day another one of my friends wanted to cheat off of her on a test and she wouldn't let her so my other friend said she was going to punch her after class, i knew my friend was scared so i talked to my other friend and she decided not to hit her.

2. How was the event of Lennie killing Curly's wife, similar to Bigger killing Mary Dalton ?
I believe the killing of Curly's wife was similar to killing of Mary Dalton because both Bigger and Lennie we're alike in those murders. Believe it or not both Lennie and Bigger became nervous and scared, and that was what caused the two deaths of the women. Lennie became afraid that someone would hear Curly's wife and then get in trouble by George. Bigger was afraid Mrs. Dalton would find him in Mary's room, and he would get fired. Both women's death in Of Mice and Men and Native Son are very similar.

3. What do you think was going through Lennie's head when he came to the conclusion that Curly's wife was dead?
Because Lennie is mentally ill, I believe when he found out that Curly's wife was dead he felt confusion more than anything. He felt as though George would be mad at him, for again getting in trouble at a new place, and because of that he wouldn't be able to tend the rabbits. You can tell he was feeling scared and nervous at the same time because he went right to the secret hiding place George showed him if something was to happen. I can imagine that's how Lennie must've felt.

4. What were some of the motives behind George's assiantion of Lennie?
George could have murdered Lennie do to several reasons. It could have been his new loyalty and 'brotherhood' to the new workers his befriended. It could have been because he knew that no matter what he said or did Lennie would always get into some type of trouble and it would eventually only get worse. He could have one it because he didn't want Lennie to suffer. Another reason might be because he could have been sick and tired of Lennie after so many years.

5. What was the underlying theme of the ending plot(Curley's Plot)?
The theme of the plot could have been revenge. It could have also been the downfall of brotherhood. It could be to show that workers follow under the leader of one. Kind of like a dictatorship, it shows that if one person promises you something (money) that if you follow them and do as they say you will eventually follow them even if it goes agianst your will.

6. Why was Curly so Mean and Arrogant?
Curly could have been this way for several reasons. He was the smallest person on the ranch. He always felt that he had something to prove due to his small stature. He could have felt that the world was always agianst him. He wanted the bigger men to fear him. He flaunted the fact that he had a wife, and money. He wanted everyone to feel as though they were inferrior to him.

7. Do you know another instance where someone like Curly did things in order for them to feel good about themselves?
Yes. In the book Native Son the main character Bigger Thomas was the same way. In Native Son Bigger would kill small innocent women in order for him to feel as though he had control. He was truly a coward inside just like Curley. Bigger Tomhs and Curley do differ in very serious ways though. The main thing they have in common is their need to feel superior and be in control of situations.

8. What are some of the problems of George and Lennie’s relationship?
Is that George can’t really have fun because he have to take care of Lennie and make sure he doesn’t get into trouble. It was like having a child you have to give hem your full attention and George didn’t like that idea that much.

9. What were some of the motives behind George killing Lennie himself?
He did that because I think that he should do it instead of somebody who doesn’t care or loved him. He figured if he did it, it would be peaceful instead of him dying by some barbarian who didn’t give a damn about him. So he did it.

10 What was the turning point in the game is that Lennie had to get himself into trouble by killing Curly’s wife?
If he didn’t do that they could have finally lived peacefully instead of running from town to town. They could save their money up and finally get that farm that they wanted. They can’t do that because Lennie had got into some more trouble and that dream came to an end.

(11) extended service hours

Since ms. Martin think I did not take my last service paper serious we will not the attending the next trip. i don"t think thats fair because she told us to make up a family of four and make up a fake salary for our family. the paper said list the four people in your family (you, your husband and your two children), you should also state their age, gender, and occupation. The fact that I said my husband would be a pro football player and together our monthly salary would be 25,000 she thought I took the assignment as a joke which i did not we were supposed to make these things up she said they did not have to be realistic. she also said we had to list different foods we would purchase from the market to feed our families for a month, just because I felt out different meats (meats i do not eat) and other foods she became angry. She was also mad at the fact that i said we would eat out four times a month. I'm not really happy about the way last week service learning meeting went.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

(10) service planning for 5-28-08

In tomorrows service learning meeting I plan on going over more ideas on how I plan to help get our school better lunches. I plan on listening to others ideas and and either supporting it or not supporting it. I also plan on trying to get help from my group mates on when we should sell sandwiches but it has to be an available date where there is nothing really going on. I think we should try to sell more things since are group really haven't accomplished anything. Ms. Thompson suggested that all groups should do and outside trip, i was thinking we could go to a fast food restaurant and interview the manager and see if he/she would be willing to sponsor a high school for better lunches.

(9) Service learning reflection

In yesterdays meeting unfortunitely I was absent on that day, but I did get some background info on what they were talking about from one of my group members Katonya who said that they talked about getting better lunches and finding places we could go for help. They also talked about letting Mrs Thompson know that they did not want her on the committiee because she did not want to listen to what they were saying. That is all that they talked about to my knowledge of what my group member told me.